DRC News Update: 8 November 2011

Top Stories:

  • AFP reports that tension is mounting in the Democratic Republic of Congo ahead of the elections, which are set to occur in 3 weeks time.  The southeastern city Lubumbashi experienced another day of clashes on Monday, just two days after violence there left 15 wounded.  According to the AFP report: "Several people were wounded Monday but no reliable injury toll was available and police had managed to quell the fighting by nightfall."  The report also notes that late last month, "an alliance of 73 Congolese and international rights groups called for restraint in an open letter sent to all presidential contenders."
  • Radio Okapi reports that the President of the African Union - Jean Ping - has called on all the Congolese presidential candidates to accept the election results, regardless of the outcome.  Speaking in Kinshasa of the African Union's keen interest in the upcoming elections, Ping said "We are here because we believe that the elections here, like everywhere else in Africa, must proceed in a calm and serene manner."
  • RFI reports on rumours surrounding the disappearance of the popular musician Fabrice Mupsiritsa. The Goma native is said to have disappeared on 4 November after refusing to sing and show support for President Kabila.
  • Al Jazeera reports on the organisation Field of Hope, which helps rape survivors find hope and independent income through farming.  Field of Hope founder Masika told Al Jazeera "We women have something precious that everyone seems to be after…. Here in the Congo, they go to villages and loot. And after looting, they never leave without raping. That’s why I say we’ve become a weapon of war in the Congo."